Celebrate Cannabis: Unifying the Legal Cannabis Community


From the moment the formation of a local advocacy group Celebrate Cannabis was announced. It was clear that the local cannabis industry leaders are ready to address the combating issue of marketing and cannabis production problem in Oregon.


This group has but one mission and that would be to unify the local cannabis community of Oregon. And provide it with a necessary voice that would speak in volumes in order to further advance the benefits of the legitimate and responsible cannabis industry.

In Oregon, cannabis was legalized for recreational purposes. With that in mind, the voters voted for the implementation of Measure 91 which created substantial development in the economic investments. From which the entire Oregon community benefited significantly.

It became clear that cannabis industry has a lot of good and useful ways that can largely contribute to any type of progress and growth within the community. Tourism and job growth was evident as well.

That led Celebrate Cannabis to go even further and start planning the development of various public. And private partnerships with law enforcement and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. In order to provide the necessary support of the compliance laws that were in effect.

The goals

The main goal besides unifying the entire legal cannabis community is to provide inspections. And education of adult legal cannabis use. And how it can benefit health and be used in medical and medicinal purposes. And as a therapy to treat certain diseases and illnesses.


Furthermore, the goal is to also promote regulatory compliance as well as product innovations. A lot of people are ignorant towards the health benefits that marijuana has and not only health but industrial benefits as well. There is so much that we can do with this herb and that is exactly what Celebrate Cannabis want to emphasize.

There are so many good things that could arise from cannabis business that could make the entire

Oregon legal cannabis community grows significantly and provide enough opportunities for all community members in order to prosper.

Celebrate Cannabis provides all necessary information through a portal. That can be easily accessed as well as various workshops, webinars and events. All these activities are excellent opportunities for all people involved to find their place and do what they love. While still being a part of something much bigger than each individual.


The most important thing is to support the industry and protect public safety. Therefore, a regulatory framework has to be established and that is exactly what Measure 91 is for. It is what will provide the necessary certainty and predictability. For the cannabis industry and business in central Oregon in order to regulate the processes.

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James C. Gentile