Is Marijuana Addictive?

By James C. Gentile / September 6, 2018
Time and time again, studies have clearly showed that the reinforcing properties of the marijuana plant is significantly lower than alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs. Indeed, the withdrawal symptoms of marijuana consumption simply aren’t severe enough for smokers to repeat its use. In fact, it is proven that fewer than one in 10 marijuana smokers turn to regular users. And most users of the cannabis drug actually voluntarily stop using it after 34 years old – compared to the 15% of alcohol and 32% of tobacco consumers that become dependent on the drug.

Several campaigns argue that it is “unfair and unjust” to treat users of the cannabis plant more harshly under legal law than tobacco and alcohol. After all, marijuana has numerous health benefits that aid in physical, mental, and emotional growth. Also, marijuana-related withdrawal symptoms are incredibly lower than that of alcohol and virtually every other illegal drug. In other words, marijuana is scientifically not a “habit-forming” substance.

The physical benefits of marijuana are quite marvelous as it has an incredibly large potential for healing, being mainly a relaxant. Firstly, marijuana expands the breath by systemically improving blood flow throughout the entire body. The dilation of the capillaries while “stoned” both relaxes the body and increases the blood supply to the brain, meaning that both left and right hemispheres of the brain are enhanced as they become more oxygenated.

This experience is mentally and emotionally beneficial. More blood flow is equal to more oxygen, and which is equal to more clearer and broader thinking. Moreover, it elevates determination, alertness, and, yes, physical strength while greatly boosting the body’s energy levels. The African, Indian, and South American cultures refer to marijuana as “ganja.” And it is common practice to “puff on ganja” for well-being, counter fatigue, balance the appetite, and “expand the consciousness.” So won’t you agree that this actually sounds a lot like a health practice and not an addiction?

The fear of addiction from marijuana actually roots from its absolute limitless potential to cure thousands of diseases and conditions. This means that the pharmaceutical companies and corporations would lose billions of dollars if marijuana and its benefits became the choice of the people.

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